Welcome to PlanVIEW!

PlanVIEW is an application that helps you organize and access information faster. This will save you time while studying and doing homework. In our clean user-interface, you will be able to quickly navigate to websites and take notes

Link Setup

A major utility of PlanVIEW is to be able to access your teacher’s websites. As technology is meshing with education, teachers have found it easier to put documents and reminders on their personal websites which their students can vie

  1. Open the application and navigate to the Settings.

  2. In Settings, you can fill out the input boxes to save your links. Simply open up your teacher’s website in your browser and copy the link. Then paste it in the corresponding block’s box

  3. You MUST fill out all the boxes. PlanVIEW requires all the boxes to be filled out. Once you finish, click Save and if successful, it should give you an alert saying “Settings Saved”.

    • If the alert says “There was an error”, look back and see if you filled out all the boxes
    • Remember that the boxes have to be filled out with a proper link. This means http://www.cnn.com/ and not just www.cnn.com .

Now that your links are setup, you don’t need to bookmark them or type them up. Simply click on PlanVIEW, open up the menu and click the block you wish to go to.


In PlanVIEW, you can take notes easily. Each of your classes will have a corresponding card on the homepage of the application. Here is how you take notes.

Say for example you want to save the what homework you have tonight for your 1st block class.

  1. Find the 1st Block card and click inside the card.
  2. Type up your note
  3. Click Save Note

You should get an alert that says Saved. Your note has now been saved to your device and will be available the next time you open PlanVIEW.

Calendar (Chrome)

In PlanVIEW Chrome, you can view your Google Calendar straight from inside the extension. If you use Google Calendar to add reminders about tests or upcoming events, then being able to view it from PlanVIEW is a useful utility. The $

  1. Click the Calendar button at the top of the extension
  2. In the box that says Username, put the username of the email address your calendar is associated with. Only put the username of your email. If my email is planview@gmail.com, then just put planview. Exclude @ and domain names (gmail.$3. Click the Save button and then reopen the extension

If you click the Calendar button again at the top, you will see a calendar with all your events synced up.